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Feb 2015

Businesses on Social Media - Statistics and Trends from 2014

Social Networking was the top online activity in the United States in 2014 - with the average user spending 37 minutes per day on Social Networks.

Small and medium sized businesses are scrambling to build out their social strategy and find ways to add value through their marketing. 46% of web users look towards their social network when making a purchase and few, if any, would think of making a major purchase without checking online for reviews and comparisons beforehand. 

To get deeper into the Online Media stats and trends from 2014 we present this excellent infographic from Go-Gulf.

The right Metrics can make you an Ottawa web marketing superstar

What gets measured gets done.

There is quite a bit of wisdom in that statement. More so when you are considering the fine art of marketing. Without measurement; how do you know if what you are doing is working? Is your investment paying off? Where are you having the most success? Where are you failing and where can you make improvements?

When 73% of CEOs think Marketers Lack Business Credibility - it becomes a simple matter of developing some focused reporting and the right metrics and you to can enter the ranks of Ottawa Marketing Superstardom.

Jan 2015

Social Media: Three Trends With Benefits

In the optimized, digitized, analyzed and curated online marketplace of today, it’s downright heartwarming to witness an emotional/relational link in much of the top trending content. Said differently, online sharing is about connecting, bonding, relating, protecting, believing and acting out a feeling or a desire. It’s emotionally assertive and aggressive, not passive, and it's the driving force behind all of last years' top viral content.

Here’s a quick scan of three positive trends in today’s social landscape:

Dec 2014

Mobile Marketing in Ottawa

The Promise of Location Based Marketing

Forever "just around the corner" the promise of location based marketing has been bandied about for years. Yet, in spite of concerns over privacy and the heavy feeling of "being watched" in today's security obsessed society, location based marketing is making big inroads. 

Nov 2014

Using Social Media to gather product feedback

Key Take away: Set up monitoring of all social media channels and respond whenever possible to issues relating to your core product or services. 

One of the best ways to stay on top of any kind of media trend these days is to stay on top of twitter. Social Media moves as fast as the latest tweet - to the tune of millions of tweets an hour. Setting up monitoring software to look for specific feeds, #hashtags, mentions or talk backs can easily be done with all kinds of easily available software. Of course the Hubspot suite does this particularly well.

Twitter Marketing for fun and profit

Twitter, in a very short amount of time has become a serious force within the Media Landscape. With millions of users and hundreds of millions of tweets daily, twitter provides a quick, effective, personal outlet to entrepreneurs looking to develop and nurture their customer base. Twitter is actually one of the simplest social media tools available to business owners and marketers, and it dovetails well with the passionate mindset of entrepreneurs.

Nov 2011

What is Social Media Monitoring?

More importantly, How can Social Media Monitoring help your business?

Sep 2011

Social media: what happens when the L-plates come off? | Econsultancy

Steve Richards over at Econsultancy has a very important message to CEO's

Aug 2011

Infographic: Let’s Get Down to Social Business

I love infographics, and I love infographics that support my opinions even more!

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